Westeros, much like our world, is a patriarchal rape culture. Beyond Westeros, the majority of societies on the planet feature the oppression of women and are built on patriarchal models of governance.

While women in the Seven Kingdoms can inherit lands and titles, they do so only in the absence of a male heir (though this is different in Dorne). This only applies to highborn women. Lowborn women and bastards have no inheritance rights. Women cannot become knights and can only become Ladies if they are the daughter or wife of a Lord.

The Seven Kingdoms only recognize violent rape as a crime and do not allow provisions for punishing rape within marriage or other violations of consent (though especially brutal or cruel husbands may be punished by their liege lords).

In some cultures, women are given more equallity with men—in Dorne for instance (and, indeed, in most cultures that are influenced by Rhoynish custom) women are given inheritence and rulership rights. Among the Free Folk, Mountain Clans of the Vale and other barbarous cultures, women may rise to become warriors or leaders, though this is rare.


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