Party Equipment and Inventory

A list of what the party has access to (publicly) and who owns it. Feel free to let me know if anything is missing.

Sample of Fine Myrish Glass
Myrish Far Eye
Sample of Tatted Lace
Trade Contract from the Court of Eyes
Sturdy Oak Traveler’s Chest
Flint and Steel
Iron Brand
Flask of Green Myrish Sweetwine
Myrish Riddlebox
Small Brass Scrying Brazier
Fine Quilted Jacket
3 Lace-lined Dresses
Brass Amulet of R’hllor with Inset Ruby
Brass Fiery Hand Dagger

Corenna’s Notebook
Cutwife’s Awl
5 doses of Myrish Fire
1 wineskin filled with Summer Island Rum
Silver Necklace with Jade Inset
10 doses of Moon Tea
1 dose of Tansy Extract
1 silver Candlestick
Needle and Thread
Jar of Leeches
Jar of Maggots
2 doses of Breadmould
6 cloves of Garlic
2 Ginger Roots
Iron Bonesaw
Fur lined traveler’s coat
2 stinging nettle poultices
Jar of Honeycomb
1 bottle of homemade ink
Goose Feather quill pen
Pouch of Marsh Mallow Root
Jar of Turmeric
Wooden Mortar and Pestle
1 dose of Feverfew
3 Strips of Willow Bark

[[Skinchangers and Shadowbinders: Mysteries of the North and East | Skinchangers and Shadowbinders: Mysteries of the North and East]]
Thick Fur Parka
Small Iron Cage
Flensing Knife
3 Raccoon Pelts
2 Fox Pelts
Rough Fur-lined Gloves
1 cloak made of Mouseskins
Leather Belt
Jar of Curing Salts
Pouch of Tanner’s Sumach
Horsehair Brush
Thick Leather Pants
Bag of Sinews and Leather Scraps
Iron Scissors
Bronze Dagger
Unicorn Hide Hauberk

Copper Medallion Necklace depicting a Strange Beast
2 Fine Lady’s Gowns
2 Myrish Lace Dresses
1 silver Candlestick
Carved Wooden Figurine of a Dog or Cat-like Beast
Oaken Spear with an Iron head
Lemonwood Shortbow
12 Iron tipped Arrows
Steel Dagger
Map of the Riverlands
Half of a Lover’s Knot
Ivory Haircomb

2 Sheepgut Contraceptives
Seal of the Iron Bank
High Collared Braavosi Vest
3 Silk Pairs of Pantaloons
5 Silk shirts
Fine Leather Boots
Dyed Conical Hat
Steel Dagger
Steel Water Dancer’s Blade
Ostyris Family Cameo Ring

Needle and Thread
1 dose of The Strangler
1 dose of the Tears of Lys
16 doses of Milk of the Poppy
2 doses of Widow’s Blood
15 doses of Sweetsleep
12 Linen Bandages
2 rolls of lambskin parchment
4 Bottles of Ink in Varied Color
4 Goosefeather quills
10 Tallow candles
Maester’s Robes
Shattered Silver Link from Maester’s Chain
1 dose of Powdered Greycap
10 doses of Poisoner’s Oil
Small Wooden Harp
Copy of Archmaester Ellidor’s One Hundred Useful Herbs
Bronze Mortar and Pestle
copy of Archmaester Amnar’s The Viper in the Vial

The Black Stone Frog
Zia’s Dagger
Myrish Crosssbow
50 Iron Bolts
Fine Red Myrish Dress
Gold chained Necklace with Emerald
2 silver Candlesticks
Leather Hauberk
Pearl Inlaid Jewelry box
Cast Bronze Figurine of an Elephant
Bag of 30 Caltrops
Seal of the Golden Company
Gilded Steel Breastplate
Copy of Tyene Martell’s Loves of Queen Nymeria
Copy of Archmaester Aelfwine’s Ten Thousand Ships
Ironwood Heater Shield
Wineskin full of Dornish Red
6 Golden Company Service Bands
Canvas Tent
Iron Banded Strongbox and Key

NPC Equipment
Leather Hauberk
Steel Dagger
Golden Necklace with Inset Ruby
1 Golden company band

Necklace of Raven Feathers
Rough Leather Boots
Small Iron Dagger
Cast Iron Cookpot
Small Pouch of Cornfeed
Wooden Spoon

3 High Collared Braavosi Vests
3 pairs Linen Pants
Pair of Leather Boots
4 Cotton Shirts
Steel Dagger
15 doses of Fishoil
Ostyris Family Cameo Ring

Iron Spiked Mace
Steel Breastplate
Boiled Leather Greaves
Iron Spiked Buckler
3 Golden Company bands

Steel Poleaxe
Steel Breastplate
Swan feather Quill
Bound Book of Poetry
Leather Rose
Ostyris Family Cameo Ring

Party Equipment and Inventory

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