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In the aftermath of the Defiance of Duskendale. You discovered that the wife of the traitor lord, Serala of Myr, had engineered the defiance in order to bleed King Aerys, saving his blood for some nefarious purpose. You were charged by Crown Prince Rhaegar to retrieve the blood, pursuing Serala to the ends of the earth, if necessary. Serala herself offered the party the chance to serve her at her cousin’s cartel, The Hunter’s Throne and you have decided to go to Myr to find her, some of you unsure about the path you will take. In Myr, you are attempting to find contacts and gather information while awaiting the Argent Prince’s return from an expedition in Sothoryos whereupon a triumph will be held in his honor

Important People
Serala of Myr- Mastermind of the Defiance of Duskendale and Myrish courtier. She has used blood magic to cheat her own execution and plans some darker spell for which she needs king’s blood.
The Argent Prince- Serala’s cousin and Trade Lord of the Demalion Arghurys cartel. Surely his financial resources are helping to fund Serala’s plans.
Rhaegar Targaryen- Crown Prince of Westeros, and heir to the throne. He charged your party with retrieving or destroying his father’s blood, all unofficially of course.

The Court of Eyes: Allyria of Myr’s family cartel, a secondary party in the ruling coalition of Myr’s magisterium. Contacts in the cartel include:
Adaro Skrathys: Prince of the Cartel
Golnaza of Myr:Respected Elderstateswoman and Allyria’s Grandmother
Hakkad Maldu: Allyria’s secret lover, captain of the cartel guard
Lace Hassresh: Master Craftsman of the cartel
Wakando the Elder: Trade Master of the Cartel

The Great Red Temple: Second largest Red Temple in the free cities and center of worship to thousands upon thousands of slaves.
Black Rolph: Respected Priest in the Temple Hierarchy with an encyclopedic working knowledge of sorcery
Thoros: An Acolyte of the Red Temple and friend of Allyria

House Civia: Westerosi-obsessed, Volantene family whose unofficial role as Festival Planners of Myr and gamemakers give them influence over most revels
Volorys Civia: Poppy addict eldest son of Lord Raveille and now aquaintence of Rivington

Myrish Headquarters of the Golden Company: Outpost and Recruitment Center for Zia’s storied mercenary company,
Olyvar Sands: Golden Company Representative in Myr, more merchant than warrior

Westerosi Exiles: Loose affiliation of Westerosi expats and exiles, working various guard and retainer jobs in the city and now friendly (mostly) with Kaiden
Artys Mertyns: Unofficial leader of the exiles, a quiet, sour retainer to the Argent Prince and former business partner of Rivington
Alfyn Bole: Jovial Northern poacher in exile, very fond of Kaiden
Harys Mullendore: Quiet, starry-eyed Reachman who loves hippocras, poetry and solitude
Jonos Wode: Rakish bravo and former man-at-arms, turned highwayman
Lucan the Squire: Artys’ muscleman, particularly unpleasant

Crab King’s Fiddle: Rhoynish-run Tavern and center of Myrish worship for the Old Rhoynish Faith
Yandry: Rhoynish Faith Adherent and Riverman

Pages of Note
The Free City of Myr
The Hightown
Slave District
Ruined District
Great Marketplace
The Mint District
Janissaries’ Keep
Pasha’s Palace
The Andal Fort

Myrish Cartels: The Hunter’s Throne, The Court of Eyes, The Archon’s Palace
Higher Mysteries: King’s Blood, Seastone,

The Party
Zia Faydig- A mercenary captain of Rhoynish descent, acting as a tactical leader for the party
Esje Crowl- A slightly feral warg who has proved herself useful in providing seemingly impossible reconnaissance
Mellaro Ostyris- Callow Braavosi swell, now the target of assassins. A talented water dancer.
Kaidan- A social climbing spear-maiden equal parts savagery and gentility. A competent archer and melee fighter.
Rivington- An elderly former maester well known for his skill with poisons
Allyria of Myr- The alias of a Faceless Man, robbed of their true face, skilled in all manner of espionage
Corenna- A Hedge Witch with advanced healing skills and a cool demeanor

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The World at Large

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