Character Creation

A quick note on character creation. The system is designed to have as much flexibility as possible in playing the character you want to play. I’m fine with you playing anyone, from a destitute pig farmer or street urchin to a member of any middling house. Stay away from the great houses of Westeros as they will likely get in the way of fitting the game into the existing world (also don’t play a character that already exists in the continuity it will just complicate things). It also helps to play a character who is capable of being somewhat mobile; playing the lord of a minor house for instance comes with strong ties and responsibilities that are harder to shirk than playing the second born son, for instance or a lady in waiting.

You’ll need only to come up with a reason to answer Rhaegar Targaryen’s call for skilled and valorous people to come to the city of Duskendale, about 100 miles north of King’s Landing, and aid in the rescue of the King from his imprisonment within the city.

Feel free to make up back stories etc but try to keep them local or lower key than say a character that might appear in the books or the show. Feel free to consult the list of sample characters as well to either use them wholesale or take some inspiration. It helps to have some kind of marketable skill, be it combat, diplomacy, stealth or knowledge related. Unlike many other games, this will not be centered solely on combat so playing someone who has no combat skills is a viable option (that said there will be mortal peril so don’t get too comfy).


You may spend a total of 5 points amidst 3 stats. Stats may not go above 4 points, though they can be 0.

0 | Utterly deficient: a cripple, simpleton, or loathsome toad
1 | Average level of inborn talent.
2 | Above Average: notably better than most, but not spectacularly so
3 | Fantastic: Possibly renowned for said ability, and remarkable to those you meet
4 | Heroic: A legend in one’s own time, a storied hero


Intelligence | One’s mental acuity and ability to think abstractly
Athleticism | One’s overall ability to perform physically, some may be lithe and quick, others strong, still others hale and hardy
Charisma | One’s inborn magnetic pull, perhaps it is your quick-wittedness, perhaps it is your great beauty, or your natural charm.


Skills represent a level of training above any natural acuity or genius. They range in level from 1-10.

0 | Untrained: Character has only natural instincts to rely upon
1-3 | Apprentice: Character has enough talent to competently do an average job most of the time
4-6 *| Expert: Character has made a profession of their skill, or could if they cared to.
7-9 | Master: Character is skilled enough to have some level of renown, and almost always succeeds at simple to moderate displays
10 | Legend: Character is singular in their skills, a once in a generation talent

Every character begins with 20 skill points to distribute among any number of skills.

Skills key off of stats to an extent:
- Some with Stat level 0-1 may only take skill ranks up to level 3
- Someone with Stat level 2, may take ranks up to level 6
- Someone with Stat level 3 may take ranks up to level 9
- Someone with stat level 4-5 may take ranks up to level 10

Skill List

Intelligence Skills
- Alchemy
- Architecture
- Astrology
- Astronomy
- Brewing
- Cooking
- Divination
- Falconry
- Farming
- Healing
- Heraldry
- Herbology
- Higher Mysteries
- History
- Literacy
- Nature Lore
- Navigation
- Poisons
- Ravencraft
- Sums
- Sailing
- Tailoring
- Theology
- Tongue
- Trapping
- Warcraft

Athletics Skills
- Archery
- Brawling
- Crossbow
- Endurance
- Lockpicking
- Melee (Blunt)
- Melee (Chain)
- Melee (Edge)
- Melee (Pole)
- Riding
- Shieldwork
- Sleight of Hand
- Smithing
- Strongman
- Swimming
- Swordplay
- Throwing
- Tumbling
- Water Dancing
- Wrestling

Charisma Skills
- Appraisal
- Camraderie
- Dance
- Disguise
- Empathy
- Etiquette (Courtly)
- Etiquette (Underworld)
- Etiquette (Free Cities)
- Forgery
- Haggle
- Intimidation
- Jeweling
- Leatherworking
- Lying
- Mummery
- Music (Harp, Horn, Woodwind, Drums)
- Oration
- Painting
- Sculpting
- Seduction
- Singing
- Stealth
- Storytelling
- Torture

Character Creation

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