The Court of Eyes

The Court of Eyes is a Myrish trade cartel, best known for its production of Myrish lenses (often called far-eyes). While it is a diverse cartel with many different industries in its portfolio, the foundation of its success rests upon a secret lens grinding technique that makes, to date, the smoothest surfaces in the known world. While they do not run the Great Observatory of Myr, the star-gazers and prognosticators of that Tower are almost invariably allies of the cartel.

The Court’s major market square is in the Old Town, a stately series of stalls that sell glassworks of all kinds, lace, dyed leather, jewelry, and exquisitely ornate armor. Aside from their famous lenses, they have also pioneered glass edged weapons—mainly swords and knives—who have a superb cutting edge, though a great deal less durability than weapons of pure steel. They are favored by the nobility for their beauty and by assassins for their deep bite.

The court was founded by Vaklez mo Skrathys, a Mereenese slave whose talent for potting and glass-blowing made him the especial favorite of a Myrish magister who bought him at auction. Skrathys eventually bought his freedom and founded the court, taking on the name of his original master back in Mereen. Any man may buy his freedom in Myr, a fact that rankled the Mereenese Skrathoi to no end, but when their line died out a pyramid collapse a generation later, the Skrathys name lived on only in the descendants of their one time slave. The current head of the cartel is Adaro Skrathys, the great great grandson of the founder, a man of fifty two, and shrewd despite his reputation for indulgence and revels.

temple_of_the_leaf_by_dblasphemy-d7gh71e.jpgThe Court itself is a large villa just outside the city walls, built upon the ruins of an old Valyrian family’s summer palace. The grounds above are filled with factories and forges alongside large apartments for master craftsmen while below ground stretch miles of old Valyrian mining tunnels, now vaults for trade secrets and, it is rumored, oubliettes for traitors. The Skrathys villa is built in Mereenese style, a white and gold step pyramid with a series of hanging gardens on lower tiers.

The Court’s influence is far-reaching with outposts and merchants in all the Free Cities save Lorath and Norvos, Oldtown, Plankytown, Mereen, Yunkai, Astapor, King’s Landing, Qarth, Tall Trees Town, and Vaes Dothrak. Their products are sold and re-sold in nearly every city in the world.

The Court of Eyes

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