Common Terminology in Westeros and Beyond

Camp Follower- A prostitute of opportunity. So called because they follow in the baggae trains of army camps or lordly processions, plying their wares to members of a house, squires, knights, and others.

The Doom- A volcanic and magical catastrophe that shattered the Valyrian peninsula, destroyed most of the population of the Freehold and ended the era of magic. It took place about 102 BC, or 381 years before the start of our game.

Freehold- A polity where any freeborn landowner has a say in government. The most famous Freehold, Valyria, was ruled in actuality by about forty noble families whose holdings were large and varied.

Hedge Knight- A knight unsworn to any feudal lord. They are so-called because they sleep “under the hedges” alongside the roads of the Seven Kingdoms. They are much romanticized in song and story and, as opposed to sellswords, tend to buy into the chivalric culture of knighthood.

Hedge Wizard- A wandering procurer of spells, potions, medical remedies and charms. They may or may not be a tinker. Most are charlatans.

Magister- A title in some of the Free Cities. It describes someone with a vote on a magisterial council. These might be petty nobility or princes and Kings, but most are wealthy landowners and merchants.

Sellsword- A mercenary either independent or member of a company.

Valyrian Steel- The strongest metal known to man. It is a dark steel with a distinctive rippling pattern and red glints and highlights. Nothing on earth holds an edge like it. Valyrians manufacturered it before the doom and while none can replicate it, a few smiths can rework it.

Valyrian Stone- Volcanic rock fused into a smooth, solid piece via dragonfire. Since the extinction of dragons it can no longer be made.


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