Tag: Ostyris Family


  • Mellaro Ostyris

    Mellaro Ostyris, a Braavosi scion of a keyholding family in the Iron Bank and sometime hobbyist-smuggler, is a man, but only just. His youthful inclinations tend toward hanging out with bravos and flirting with courtesans while at home, smuggling minor …

  • Gaunt Corleo

    Corleo was born old, men like to say. Even as a young man he was so serious and humorless that his peers mocked him as "Uncle." It was not surprising that he grew into a serious man with a head for numbers, and a heart for finance. He was just shy of …

  • Xhalava Mu

    Xhalava Mu was born to merchants from the Summer Isles and spent his childhood sailing the ports from Oldtown to Asshai. Though he loved his native Walano, he found that he was best suited to the great libraries of the Free Cities where his love of reading …

  • Borrosco Ostyris

    The father of Mellaro Ostyris is a powerful keyholder within the Iron Bank. He is the head of the four man "Responsibility Caucus" which serves as the Bank's most conservative, traditionalist wing.