A Reign of Toads

Act One, scene 6
Pits of King's Landing

As you take in the sights of the Rhaenys’ Hill and spend some of your money replenishing your supplies, you pause to think back on the events of the last thirteen hours. Having been charged with pursuing Serala of Myr “to the ends of the earth,” you headed for King’s Landing in order to attempt to cut her off before the trail grew cold. Kaiden had a final conversation with her former flame, Ethan Vance, who gave her the name Edric Hill, a fence in the capitol city who might know about dark dealings. Mellaro concluded business negotiations with Martyn Darke, while Zia left Redmeat Ronnet behind to watch for a message en route to Duskendale.

On the road South, Kaiden bonded with Bram Snow over a song each thought was only known by their own people. Riding through the night you eventually arrived at the Dragon Gate of King’s Landing and, after an hour or so of customs, coming through the gates, you set out to find proper accommodations and your contact.

While Ser Beomund and Addam Storm found you rooms at the modestly priced Swineherd’s Crook, Rivington went to restock some of the poisons he had previously expended in preparation for the mercy killing of Bethany Waters and Robyn Hollard. Mellaro asked that Corleo get him an audience with the Master of Coin, one Qarlton Chelsted. Of more immediate interest to Mellaro, however, was the way in which Corleo seemed to put complete faith in Allyria of Myr, explaining that she was a fellow Essosi.

Esja and Zia, ever the most reliable, though unlikely of companions, took the time to explore the Dragonpit, now a ruin. While Zia scaled the great colonnade’s to reach an upper level and find a piece of as-yet-unclaimed dragonbone, Esja asked a local ragpicker about what goes on in the dragonpit. The answer was predictable: shady dealing’s, lovers’ trysts, a pooky haunt for children. Though that still did not satisfactorily explain why the rats seemed to shun it.

Kaiden, meanwhile, met with Edric Hill, and after some shameful haggling, he agreed to meet her and any other interested parties in front of a convent at the base of Rhaenys’ Hill tonight at the hour of the wolf. It is currently about 10 in the morning on the 11th day of the 10th month of the 277th year since Aegon’s Landing. Though you are all technically in good health, the long, midnight ride has taken a toll and you are thoroughly exhausted.

Act One, scene 5
Defiance Defied


As some of you pack your things, preparing for a midnight ride south to King’s Landing while others of you make your bed, in preparation for rest before early morning meetings, you pause to reflect on the events of the last four hours. Upon finding Wynafrei in her cell, Lord Rykker excused himself in horror. You took the momentary respite to free Wynafrei and smuggle her back to the Seven Swords Inn. There she revealed that she had been taken prisoner by Lady Serala and coerced into performing the rite that allowed her to change bodies with her handmaiden.

Kaiden had a tense meeting with Ethan, after trading barbs she informed him of the need to intervene with the mob gathered outside Dargood’s house. Zia, meanwhile diffused the situation, having the soldiers turn on the thief in their midst and escorting Dargood, his former guards, Alehouse Alys and her young friend out and safely into custody. She also left the upper floor window ajar for later reconnaissance.

While Corenna and Esja helped Wynafrei complete a blood magic divination ritual to locate Serala, Kaiden and Zia headed to town square where the proceeded to cleanly execute the body-swapped Bethany and the boy, Robin Hollard, both set to be executed alongside the rest of the Hollards and Darklyns. Though Zia nearly missed her shot, both were killed prior to immolation and in Bethany’s case the symbolic removal of her tongue and vulva to stand for Serala’s seduction of Denys Darklyn.

Those performing the ritual learned that Serala was headed south to a city with a castle made of red stone. Given that King’s Landing is a half day’s ride South of Duskendale, it seemed the logical place.

You finally conferred with Prince Rhaegar telling him what you knew, and he, visibly shaken, by the revelation that his father’s blood had been taken, charged you with finding Serala and destroying or returning the king’s blood she carried. He left you with a book on Sorcery for Esja, and a command to follow the witch to the ends of the earth. It is currently 11:00pm on the evening of the 10th day of the 10th month of 277th year since Aegon’s conquest and both Esja and Corenna have blood loss from the ritual.

Act One, scene 4
What Lies Beneath

As some of you sneak about the Dun Fort, attempting to gather clues, while others, having gathered clues attempt to leave undetected, and still others try to make things right in Duskendale either on a civic or personal level, you pause to think back on the events of the last two hours. You concluded your meeting with Ser Beomund, determined to speak to some of the Darklyn’s former household, especially its Maester. While en route to the Dundort, Zia and Esja decided to attempt to scatter the mob gathers outside the home of one time petty tyrant, Baldrik Dargood. Esja provided more reconnaissance from within the house, quickly learning that weasels are easily spotted but no one knows what to do with them. Zia brokered a tense peace between Dargood’s guards and the mob’s leader a blacksmith named Haeton.

Mellaro and Rivingnton accompanied Lord Rykker to his solar to attempt to gain legal access to the servants while Corenna made her way through the kitchens, and Allyria snuck around the back of the keep.

Kaiden confronted Ethan Vance who was none too pleased to see her, but agreed to disperse the mob outside Dargood’s house and see justice done. Esja managed to figure out that there was a subterranean dock out of the Dunfort’s lower levels but it was Corenna who found herself in the dungeon proper and overheard a conversation between the imprisoned woods witch, Wynafrei and a stranger with a Braavsosi accent who later disappeared into the shadows and could not be tracked.

Corenna in her own questioning learned that Wynafrei was the sole survivor of the Darklyn’s staff, the others, whose corpses decorated her cell, had been sacrificed, according to her in order that Serala might switch places with her handmaiden. She also revealed that the reason Aerys had been taken was to collect Kings Blood, a powerful occult reagent, and that Wynafrei’s knowledge of powers old and dark had led to her capture and was, indeed, the purpose behind the interrogation and disappearances of the witches of Hexwood. Corenna fled just as Mellaro and Rivington were entering the dungeon to see these cells for themselves. It is currently 5pm on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty. You are all, for now, in good health.

Act One, scene 3
In the Lion's Den


As you continue to converse with Beomund Beesbury in the Seven Swords Inn, charting out your next plan of attack, you pause to think on the events of the last three hours. The majority of you spent time in Duskendale, attempting to get the lay of the land and learn more about the residents of the city now that the siege has been lifted. While Kaiden and Rivington protested to Lord Rykker’s steward, seeking audiences with Ethan and Maester Chalydon, respectively, Mellaro met with Martyn Darke, a noble merchant with whom trading in Braavos has previously been done. Darke informed you that the majority of the nobles in Duskendale turned on the Darklyns and Hollards when they were steadfast in their continued imprisoned of the king. Mellaro also learned more about Baldrik Dargood, the landlord who seized food from his warehouses and ransomed it out to the public in exchange for favors and power.

Meanwhile, Allyria, Esja and Zia crafted a plan whereby they would drug barrels of wine that they would then sell to men in the Lannister encampment so as to have unrestricted access to the imprisoned Serala. They met with Jace, the local guard captain who was mroe than happy to solicit the affections of Zia, but was eventually given his comeuppance when he was laid, naked, on a cot in what was probably his tent, and relieved of some of his inventory.

The meeting with Serala was less amusing: she claimed to be, in fact, Bethany Waters, handmaiden to the Lady Serala who was somehow placed in her lady’s body. Now, with visions of faceless men and and blood magic filling your head, you find yourself speaking with your handler and attempting to come up with a viable plan of action. It is currently 3pm on the afternoon of the 10th day of the 10th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty, end of a long summer and you are all in good health.

Act One, scene 2
A Royal Request

As you prepare for a pair of reconnaissance operations in and just outside the city of Duskendale, the gravity of your situation starting to settle, you pause to reflect back on the events of the last ten hours.

Zia, Kaiden, and the Golden Company officers divided up a number of earrings, gowns, and silver candlesticks from the Dun Fort before sneaking back to camp. Myles had bad news for Zia, saying that a Lannister captain named Jace had run into him and taken the captive Serala from your custody. After a brief discussion of Serala’s curious lack of a Myrish accent, you looked through her jewelry box and discovered a carving of a frog made from a mysterious black stone, oily to the touch. Both Zia and Corenna had bare inklings of the stone’s sinister history, recalling tales of drowned men and ruined cities which the jungle daren’t enter. Wanting to test the hypothesis, Zia placed the figurine in a bowl filled with wildflowers before going to sleep.

Before retiring, Mellaro eschewed vice for study, and Esja chastised her apprentice, Bram for sleeping on the job. The next morning saw most of you waiting for an audience with Rhaegar Targaryen. He was surprisingly receptive to the Golden Company, displaying a courtesy and a magnanimity that few of his bloodline possess. He soon brought most of you in with a request. Under the command of famed knight errant, Ser Beomund Beesbury, the lot of you were tasked with discovering why Aerys was really taken captive, the states reasons sounding far too foolish to be real. He offered the boon that was to be granted to the King’s liberator in exchange for the aid.

After a skill-sharing discussion, you caught up with Corenna who had spent the morning in the newly freed city, and discovered that Lord Denys was still beloved, and that much of the ire of the smallfolk was reserved for a wealthy merchant named Baldrik Dargood. Mellaro, Kaiden, Rivington, and Corenna decided to gather information in town while Esja, Allyria and Zia plotted to sneak into the Lannister Encampment and get information from Serala in exchange for a painless death by poisoning.

As you prepared to set out, Kaiden recognized her childhood sweetheart, Ethan Vance, in the retinue of the just-arriving new Lord of Duskendale, and Zia saw that, indeed, the wildflowers had rotted under the influence of the stone. It is currently the first hour of the afternoon, on the tenth day of the tenth month of the 277th year since Awgon’s conquest, end of a long summer. And you are all in good health.

Act One, Scene One
At the Gates of Duskendale

As many of you bed down or make your way to bed in the aftermath of the sack of Duskendale, you pause to think on the events of the last three hours. Rivington and Kaiden, both seeking an audience with the Hand of the King were disappointed to learn that such auditions were over as Ser Barristan Selmy had already scaled the walls, snuck into the dungeons and rescued the King with minimal loss of life. Though their hopes were temporarily dashed, it soon became clear that opportunities were everywhere as the siege turned into a sack, with soldiers pouring through the west gate, seeking rapine and fortune.

Meanwhile, Esja, had her inquiries answered unexpectedly as she was joined by the Prince of Dragonstone who seemed as interested in her as she had been in him. They spoke briefly of dreams and dragons and higher mysteries but the sack drew them to the North Gates and another way into the city. There, they encountered members of the Golden Company including their captain, Content Not Found: placeholder-robin-s-character, who was already fast at work cutting through the thick doors.

Zia posted a new aquintence,Corenna, at the gate to make sure anyone who fled the city north was accounted for. The Witch soon found herself with other problems, however, as a fainting spell came over her and she awoke having written the words “The Waters” in the mud of the encampment.

Within the city walls, Esja, spied on the smallfolk, while Zia and company made their way to the walls of the Godswood to attempt to outmaneuver the Hand of the King and his forces, intent upon the the capture of the Darklyns. They scaled the walls along with Kaiden and discovered, Lord Denys’ Lady wife, Serala of Myr, attempting to escape. Zia sent Myles Toyne with the traitorous Lady back to their encampment while they looted what they could in place of absconding with more Darklyns or Hollards.

Outside the city, Mellaro and Allyria were becoming fast friends despite the attempted intervention of Mellaro’s chaperone, Corleo. When they encountered Rivington and the Prince outside the Lannister tent, Mellaro begged an audience and was granted one the following day. Esja’s mustelid reconaissance gleaned that the King had been injured, cut and bled at the very least, by the Darklyns and that tensions between him and his heir had decidedly escalated. Rivington was also granted an audience after binding up Rhaegar’s hand, and all went to bed somewhat satisfied in having gained the Prince’s ear. It is currently nearing midnight on the ninth day of the tenth month of the 277th year since Aegon’s Conquest, the end of a long summer, and you are all in good health.

Act One, Prologue
The Siege of Duskendale

As some of you make your way to the siege encampment outside the walls of Duskendale, while others, already arrive settle in for another long night amongst its guttering torches and myriad cookfires, you pause to think on what brought you to this point. Some of you crossed oceans to be here while others hiked barely twenty miles. You’ve come for different reasons, some seeking the king’s favor to advance your station, or to restore a title that was lost to you. Some are merely curious to see these otherworldly royals up close and find some affinity, still others seek to secure riches, establish trade, or resolve some other business, long in the making.

Behind the walls of Duskendale, a king sits in chains, being ransomed for rights that couldn’t possible justify the foolishness of the attempt. And while the smallfolk of the city remain eerily quiet, the bustle of the encampment grows daily as petty lords, hedge knights and ambitious squires pledge their swords to the silver haired Prince and the golden haired hand that rule the kingdom from tents in the mud.

It is an hour after sunset on the tenth day of ninth month of the 277th year since Aegon’s Conquest, the very end of a brief summer, and you are all in good health.

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