A Reign of Toads

Act One, scene 2

A Royal Request

As you prepare for a pair of reconnaissance operations in and just outside the city of Duskendale, the gravity of your situation starting to settle, you pause to reflect back on the events of the last ten hours.

Zia, Kaiden, and the Golden Company officers divided up a number of earrings, gowns, and silver candlesticks from the Dun Fort before sneaking back to camp. Myles had bad news for Zia, saying that a Lannister captain named Jace had run into him and taken the captive Serala from your custody. After a brief discussion of Serala’s curious lack of a Myrish accent, you looked through her jewelry box and discovered a carving of a frog made from a mysterious black stone, oily to the touch. Both Zia and Corenna had bare inklings of the stone’s sinister history, recalling tales of drowned men and ruined cities which the jungle daren’t enter. Wanting to test the hypothesis, Zia placed the figurine in a bowl filled with wildflowers before going to sleep.

Before retiring, Mellaro eschewed vice for study, and Esja chastised her apprentice, Bram for sleeping on the job. The next morning saw most of you waiting for an audience with Rhaegar Targaryen. He was surprisingly receptive to the Golden Company, displaying a courtesy and a magnanimity that few of his bloodline possess. He soon brought most of you in with a request. Under the command of famed knight errant, Ser Beomund Beesbury, the lot of you were tasked with discovering why Aerys was really taken captive, the states reasons sounding far too foolish to be real. He offered the boon that was to be granted to the King’s liberator in exchange for the aid.

After a skill-sharing discussion, you caught up with Corenna who had spent the morning in the newly freed city, and discovered that Lord Denys was still beloved, and that much of the ire of the smallfolk was reserved for a wealthy merchant named Baldrik Dargood. Mellaro, Kaiden, Rivington, and Corenna decided to gather information in town while Esja, Allyria and Zia plotted to sneak into the Lannister Encampment and get information from Serala in exchange for a painless death by poisoning.

As you prepared to set out, Kaiden recognized her childhood sweetheart, Ethan Vance, in the retinue of the just-arriving new Lord of Duskendale, and Zia saw that, indeed, the wildflowers had rotted under the influence of the stone. It is currently the first hour of the afternoon, on the tenth day of the tenth month of the 277th year since Awgon’s conquest, end of a long summer. And you are all in good health.


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