A Reign of Toads

Act Two, Scene Four
Date Night

As you awaken in various states of undress, partnership and sobriety after an evening of reconnaissance and relaxation, you pause to reflect on the events of the last twelve hours. Kaiden attempted to use a date to seduce Ser Harys Mullendore, or at least to wrangle an invitation to the exile’s tourney. Though this proved ultimately fruitless, she did learn that she could attend for a pittance admission and that he would be happy to see her there. Rivington decided to stay at the Ninepenny with Kaidan, forsaking the accommodations of the Court of Eyes. Allyria, in those forsaken accomodations discovered she was not alone in her room. After calling for Hakkad and guards to aid her, she glanced beneath the bed where she found a half-feral, soot blackened child. He leapt to attack her before struggling crawl out the window, but the guards arrived just in time and restrained him. Allyria favored honey over vinegar and learned that he was in the nominal
Employ of someone called “the Mummer.” She then had the boy taken to a well-guarded room where would be bathed, fed and gently questioned.

Zia meanwhile, found herself at the Golden Company outpost where local recruiter Olyvar Sand was arguing with a young man calling himself Domeric Steel. Steel, according to Sand, claimed to be a former member of the corsair fleet, The Sons of Joy, who had come to beg the aid of the Company in rescuing a heretofore unknown Blackfyre scion from the fleet’s influence. In addition to that intelligence, Olyvar also was able to tell Zia that a call to arms for Rhoynish citizens had indeed come out and that Olyvar had personally rejected the demand but that others were instructed to go to Selhorys, a Volantene tribute city with a large Rhoynish population.
Mellaro, Corenna and Beomund set out to join Zia at the Company Outpost but not before the young Ostyrii discovered one of Esje’s weasels badgering him to unknown purpose. Not knowing what else to do with he rodent, they continued on to the outpost whereupon Ser Beomund and Zia finally made manifest the affection that had been growing between them. The rest of the night continued peacefully and morning dawned on the day of the Tournament with all of you ready to face the day ahead. It is currently 7 on the morning of the 4th day of the eleventh month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty. You are all in good health.

Act Two, Scene Three
Ley of the Land


As you variously find yourselves in Myr’s Great Red Temple, the expatriate winesink “The Ninepenny,” in a poppy den of ill-repute, and en route to the Myrish Outpost of the Golden Company, you stop to reflect on the events of the last ten hours. Several of you conferred with Allyria’s grandmother, Golnaza of Myr, about the hostile actions of the Demalion Arghurys and the possible involvement of that great Cartel with the Order of the Crimson Tongue. While the venerable woman insisted that one mustn’t make waves in the relations between cartels, she promised she would look into the bad faith that might be displayed by their public affiliation with assassins.

Allyria continued to plot against the party, letting both Hakkad and Golnaza in on their attempts to imprison her, though no action is yet forthcoming and the party remains unaware of her perfidy.

Kaidan found her way to the Ninepenny—a tavern frequented by exiled Westerosi. She stumbled onto a dice game between a community that knew one another well. But while jovial Alfyn Bole, starry-eyed Harys Mullendore, and rakish Fenton Flint all seemed to find her company charming, their leader, the sullen Ser Artys Mertyns was driven to rage by her forwardness. He and his bodyguard, Lucan the Squire left abruptly. Kaidan was later informed that Ser Artys is the chief retainer to the Argent Prince, and generally not a man to upset. They also spoke with great relish of a tourney to be hosted by House Civia.

Rivington also made inroads with the noble house, having met its scion, Volorys Civia while both were indulging in a smokeable tar derived from the poppy—apparently the custom in Essos. Volorys liked Rivington’s wry sense of humor, and invited him to sit and watch the tourney on the morrow, though he enforced the caveat that Rivington must not mention how they met.

Allyria, Mellaro, and Esje traveled to the Great Red Temple of Myr to consult Allyria’s old mentor, the Red Priest Black Rolph. They were warned at the Nightfires, by fellow acolyte Thoros that Rolph had been especially strange of late. True to Thoros’ warning, the High Priest gave you truly strange advice, seemingly speaking heresy in his mention of gods other than R’hllor and the Great Other. It is these gods, he claims, who are represented in the seastone figurine you found in Serala’s budoir. He left you only with the chilling assertion that, whatever they are, “they are not our gods.”

It is currently 9pm on the evening of the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty, and, though some of you are in addled and altered states, you remain in otherwise good health.

Act Two, Scene 2
The Court of Eyes

As some of you prepare to meet the formidable Golnaza of Myr, Allyria’s influential grandmother, while others explore Myr looking for less contentious lodgings, you pause to reflect on the events of the last three hours. You arrived at the docks of the Free City and made arrangements with porters to take a palanquin to the outskirts of town, where the Court of Eyes, Allyria’s trade cartel, made its headquarters. While being ferried, you took in the sites of the city of craftsman, including glimpses of the Red Temple, the Observatory, and a severed tongue nailed to a wall in the ruined district, the remains of an initiation rite of the Crimson tongue. You also took the time to let in your comrades on some of your party’s outstanding secrets, including Zia’s participation in a Rhoynish cult that had apparently turned on her, and Corenna’s engagement to one Meron Wydman, currently in the entourage of Lord Baratheon. Upon arriving at the Court of Eyes, you were taken to a common room where Allyria introduced you to her lover, and captain of the cartel’s guard, Hakkad Maldu. She secretly begged for his help in bringing the rest of you to justice for your misunderstanding a few weeks prior, and though no immediate action was taken, you were shown lodgings that some found insufficient, military cots set up in a brick warehouse currently being renovated. As you attempt to find new lodgings or work to create a better repoire with the cartel, it has reached four in the afternoon on the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen Dynasty and you are all in good health.

Act Two, Scene 1
Loose Ends

As you stand on the deck of the Seafeather, the gilded onion domes, and silken pavillions of Myr rising high off the docks and threatening to block the rising sun, you think back on the events of the last three weeks. After being at least temporarily satisfied that the Faceless Man previously calling itself Allyria of Myr was more benefit to you than threat, you set about making arrangements to follow Serala across the Narrow Sea and either bring her to justice as Rhaegar intended, relieving her of her vial of King’s Blood in the process, or join her as she suggested to Rivington, and become permanent agents of the Demalion Arghurys, cartel house of Serala’s cousin, the Argent Prince. While Rivington and Zia secured passage on the Summer Island swanship, the Seafeather, Kaiden and Esja attempted to bring the wayward Silent Sisters of the Rhaenys Hill Convent to justice—but only moral victories were had. Mellaro had a heart to heart with Xhalava Mu, his bodyguard turned mentor who informed him that it was up to the Ostyris heir alone to decide the next course of action. The next day you boarded the Seafeather, captained by the formidable rum factor, Obkara of Tall Trees Town, and began a three week journey across the Narrow Sea. Briefly docking at Storm’s End, you followed in the wake of the Windproud, carrying Lord Steffon Baratheon and his wife, on a mission to find a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar. You quickly outpaced the larger flagship however, and had a week’s travel over the open ocean where you managed to avoid storms and focus in on your plan of action in the city on the Bay of Myrrth. It is currently nine on the morning of the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty and the sea air has done quite a bit for the wounds sustained at the dragonpit, leaving you all in good health.

Act One, Scene 7
No One

As the majority of you limp out of the smoking, Dragonpit, bleeding from half a dozen wounds, you pause to reflect on the events of the last fourteen hours. With the knowledge that suspicious happenings involving a woman matching Bethany Waters description were occurring near a Silent Sisters convent at the base of Rhaenys Hill, your party decided to meet the fence at the appointed time. Rivington spent his day buying supplies and, later negotiating for all your lives with the definitely not-dead Serala. At the same time, Zia and Esje canvassed the convent looking for likely points from which to fire. You then took a midday nap to be rested for the evening. Upon waking, Zia and Ser Beomund shared a drink and traded war stories before the former received a grisly package containing the severed head of her lieutenant and a threatening note from his killer. Daunted but not destroyed, you set out for the convent and thoroughly infiltrated the sewer systems in weasel form before being let inside and discovered a front for a human smuggling operation. People enter in coffins as though dead, other bones emerge, and the supposed corpse is spirited away through back tunnels to escape the city. After pausing to note the mechanism by which scarabs were poured onto the recently deceased you wound your way through these tunnels. Upon discovering some of the Guild of Pyromancers experimentation rooms, Kaiden accidentally set off a jug of wildfire prompting you to flee upwards into the dragonpit. You were then assailed by members of the Crimson Tongue, a Myrish assassins guild adept with alchemical weaponry and other forms of Free Cities technology. A desperate fight ensued, interrupted by Allyria’s shocking betrayal of the party, attempting to murder Mellaro before being, herself assaulted by a shadowy figure that ripped her face from her body and then the face beneath, leaving only an inky darkness. Absconding with Allyria’s un-face, leaving her only the familiar one, you dispatched the rest of the assassins and took the turncoat into your custody before fleeing the rising flames. It is currently 3 on the morning of the 12th day of the 10th month of the 277th year since Aegon’s conquest. You are nearly all moderately wounded in ways you will have to remind me of.

Act One, scene 6
Pits of King's Landing

As you take in the sights of the Rhaenys’ Hill and spend some of your money replenishing your supplies, you pause to think back on the events of the last thirteen hours. Having been charged with pursuing Serala of Myr “to the ends of the earth,” you headed for King’s Landing in order to attempt to cut her off before the trail grew cold. Kaiden had a final conversation with her former flame, Ethan Vance, who gave her the name Edric Hill, a fence in the capitol city who might know about dark dealings. Mellaro concluded business negotiations with Martyn Darke, while Zia left Redmeat Ronnet behind to watch for a message en route to Duskendale.

On the road South, Kaiden bonded with Bram Snow over a song each thought was only known by their own people. Riding through the night you eventually arrived at the Dragon Gate of King’s Landing and, after an hour or so of customs, coming through the gates, you set out to find proper accommodations and your contact.

While Ser Beomund and Addam Storm found you rooms at the modestly priced Swineherd’s Crook, Rivington went to restock some of the poisons he had previously expended in preparation for the mercy killing of Bethany Waters and Robyn Hollard. Mellaro asked that Corleo get him an audience with the Master of Coin, one Qarlton Chelsted. Of more immediate interest to Mellaro, however, was the way in which Corleo seemed to put complete faith in Allyria of Myr, explaining that she was a fellow Essosi.

Esja and Zia, ever the most reliable, though unlikely of companions, took the time to explore the Dragonpit, now a ruin. While Zia scaled the great colonnade’s to reach an upper level and find a piece of as-yet-unclaimed dragonbone, Esja asked a local ragpicker about what goes on in the dragonpit. The answer was predictable: shady dealing’s, lovers’ trysts, a pooky haunt for children. Though that still did not satisfactorily explain why the rats seemed to shun it.

Kaiden, meanwhile, met with Edric Hill, and after some shameful haggling, he agreed to meet her and any other interested parties in front of a convent at the base of Rhaenys’ Hill tonight at the hour of the wolf. It is currently about 10 in the morning on the 11th day of the 10th month of the 277th year since Aegon’s Landing. Though you are all technically in good health, the long, midnight ride has taken a toll and you are thoroughly exhausted.

Act One, scene 5
Defiance Defied


As some of you pack your things, preparing for a midnight ride south to King’s Landing while others of you make your bed, in preparation for rest before early morning meetings, you pause to reflect on the events of the last four hours. Upon finding Wynafrei in her cell, Lord Rykker excused himself in horror. You took the momentary respite to free Wynafrei and smuggle her back to the Seven Swords Inn. There she revealed that she had been taken prisoner by Lady Serala and coerced into performing the rite that allowed her to change bodies with her handmaiden.

Kaiden had a tense meeting with Ethan, after trading barbs she informed him of the need to intervene with the mob gathered outside Dargood’s house. Zia, meanwhile diffused the situation, having the soldiers turn on the thief in their midst and escorting Dargood, his former guards, Alehouse Alys and her young friend out and safely into custody. She also left the upper floor window ajar for later reconnaissance.

While Corenna and Esja helped Wynafrei complete a blood magic divination ritual to locate Serala, Kaiden and Zia headed to town square where the proceeded to cleanly execute the body-swapped Bethany and the boy, Robin Hollard, both set to be executed alongside the rest of the Hollards and Darklyns. Though Zia nearly missed her shot, both were killed prior to immolation and in Bethany’s case the symbolic removal of her tongue and vulva to stand for Serala’s seduction of Denys Darklyn.

Those performing the ritual learned that Serala was headed south to a city with a castle made of red stone. Given that King’s Landing is a half day’s ride South of Duskendale, it seemed the logical place.

You finally conferred with Prince Rhaegar telling him what you knew, and he, visibly shaken, by the revelation that his father’s blood had been taken, charged you with finding Serala and destroying or returning the king’s blood she carried. He left you with a book on Sorcery for Esja, and a command to follow the witch to the ends of the earth. It is currently 11:00pm on the evening of the 10th day of the 10th month of 277th year since Aegon’s conquest and both Esja and Corenna have blood loss from the ritual.

Act One, scene 4
What Lies Beneath

As some of you sneak about the Dun Fort, attempting to gather clues, while others, having gathered clues attempt to leave undetected, and still others try to make things right in Duskendale either on a civic or personal level, you pause to think back on the events of the last two hours. You concluded your meeting with Ser Beomund, determined to speak to some of the Darklyn’s former household, especially its Maester. While en route to the Dundort, Zia and Esja decided to attempt to scatter the mob gathers outside the home of one time petty tyrant, Baldrik Dargood. Esja provided more reconnaissance from within the house, quickly learning that weasels are easily spotted but no one knows what to do with them. Zia brokered a tense peace between Dargood’s guards and the mob’s leader a blacksmith named Haeton.

Mellaro and Rivingnton accompanied Lord Rykker to his solar to attempt to gain legal access to the servants while Corenna made her way through the kitchens, and Allyria snuck around the back of the keep.

Kaiden confronted Ethan Vance who was none too pleased to see her, but agreed to disperse the mob outside Dargood’s house and see justice done. Esja managed to figure out that there was a subterranean dock out of the Dunfort’s lower levels but it was Corenna who found herself in the dungeon proper and overheard a conversation between the imprisoned woods witch, Wynafrei and a stranger with a Braavsosi accent who later disappeared into the shadows and could not be tracked.

Corenna in her own questioning learned that Wynafrei was the sole survivor of the Darklyn’s staff, the others, whose corpses decorated her cell, had been sacrificed, according to her in order that Serala might switch places with her handmaiden. She also revealed that the reason Aerys had been taken was to collect Kings Blood, a powerful occult reagent, and that Wynafrei’s knowledge of powers old and dark had led to her capture and was, indeed, the purpose behind the interrogation and disappearances of the witches of Hexwood. Corenna fled just as Mellaro and Rivington were entering the dungeon to see these cells for themselves. It is currently 5pm on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty. You are all, for now, in good health.

Act One, scene 3
In the Lion's Den


As you continue to converse with Beomund Beesbury in the Seven Swords Inn, charting out your next plan of attack, you pause to think on the events of the last three hours. The majority of you spent time in Duskendale, attempting to get the lay of the land and learn more about the residents of the city now that the siege has been lifted. While Kaiden and Rivington protested to Lord Rykker’s steward, seeking audiences with Ethan and Maester Chalydon, respectively, Mellaro met with Martyn Darke, a noble merchant with whom trading in Braavos has previously been done. Darke informed you that the majority of the nobles in Duskendale turned on the Darklyns and Hollards when they were steadfast in their continued imprisoned of the king. Mellaro also learned more about Baldrik Dargood, the landlord who seized food from his warehouses and ransomed it out to the public in exchange for favors and power.

Meanwhile, Allyria, Esja and Zia crafted a plan whereby they would drug barrels of wine that they would then sell to men in the Lannister encampment so as to have unrestricted access to the imprisoned Serala. They met with Jace, the local guard captain who was mroe than happy to solicit the affections of Zia, but was eventually given his comeuppance when he was laid, naked, on a cot in what was probably his tent, and relieved of some of his inventory.

The meeting with Serala was less amusing: she claimed to be, in fact, Bethany Waters, handmaiden to the Lady Serala who was somehow placed in her lady’s body. Now, with visions of faceless men and and blood magic filling your head, you find yourself speaking with your handler and attempting to come up with a viable plan of action. It is currently 3pm on the afternoon of the 10th day of the 10th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty, end of a long summer and you are all in good health.

Act One, scene 2
A Royal Request

As you prepare for a pair of reconnaissance operations in and just outside the city of Duskendale, the gravity of your situation starting to settle, you pause to reflect back on the events of the last ten hours.

Zia, Kaiden, and the Golden Company officers divided up a number of earrings, gowns, and silver candlesticks from the Dun Fort before sneaking back to camp. Myles had bad news for Zia, saying that a Lannister captain named Jace had run into him and taken the captive Serala from your custody. After a brief discussion of Serala’s curious lack of a Myrish accent, you looked through her jewelry box and discovered a carving of a frog made from a mysterious black stone, oily to the touch. Both Zia and Corenna had bare inklings of the stone’s sinister history, recalling tales of drowned men and ruined cities which the jungle daren’t enter. Wanting to test the hypothesis, Zia placed the figurine in a bowl filled with wildflowers before going to sleep.

Before retiring, Mellaro eschewed vice for study, and Esja chastised her apprentice, Bram for sleeping on the job. The next morning saw most of you waiting for an audience with Rhaegar Targaryen. He was surprisingly receptive to the Golden Company, displaying a courtesy and a magnanimity that few of his bloodline possess. He soon brought most of you in with a request. Under the command of famed knight errant, Ser Beomund Beesbury, the lot of you were tasked with discovering why Aerys was really taken captive, the states reasons sounding far too foolish to be real. He offered the boon that was to be granted to the King’s liberator in exchange for the aid.

After a skill-sharing discussion, you caught up with Corenna who had spent the morning in the newly freed city, and discovered that Lord Denys was still beloved, and that much of the ire of the smallfolk was reserved for a wealthy merchant named Baldrik Dargood. Mellaro, Kaiden, Rivington, and Corenna decided to gather information in town while Esja, Allyria and Zia plotted to sneak into the Lannister Encampment and get information from Serala in exchange for a painless death by poisoning.

As you prepared to set out, Kaiden recognized her childhood sweetheart, Ethan Vance, in the retinue of the just-arriving new Lord of Duskendale, and Zia saw that, indeed, the wildflowers had rotted under the influence of the stone. It is currently the first hour of the afternoon, on the tenth day of the tenth month of the 277th year since Awgon’s conquest, end of a long summer. And you are all in good health.


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