Old Rhoynish Faith

Though now worshiped only by a handful of villages and market towns along the Rhoyne and among the most faithful of the Greenblood Orphans. It is a religion based around the River and, as such, features a number of deities who are personified as river beasts and even thought to inhabit such creatures from time to time.

Mother Rhoyne- The principal deity of the Rhoynar, Mother Rhoyne is a personification of the River’s bounty as well as its fury. Notoriously fickle, Mother Rhoyne was originally a goddess to be both feared and venerated. The more benign aspects of her domain seem to have won out in modern worship; she controls the currents, flooding, and, by extension, both trade and agriculture. It is through Mother Rhoyne that all good things come and from her that all impurities will be washed away.

The Shrouded Lord-

The Old Man of the River-

The Crab King-

The Ibis maiden-

The Great Sturgeon-

Old Rhoynish Faith

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