Differences Between the Show and Books

Differences from the show
If you are familiar with Game of Thrones but not the books there are some key differences to keep in mind for the purposes of this game

-Westeros is vast. Martin has said that the continent of Westeros is roughly the size of South America, thus it is about 3000 miles from the Wall to Sunspear and close to 900 miles east to west at the widest points. Travel is hard, especially since most people must travel on foot. Ships can clear distances much faster but sea travel is dangerous with all but the bravest or most foolhardy vessels venturing outside of the sight of land. A journey from Winterfell to King’s Landing might take two months, and a sea voyage from Qarth to Oldtown could take six.

-There are many more noble houses. The show typically depicts about four or five banner houses per high lord. In the books there are more like twenty. While there are still about 200 smallfolk for every lord, there are enough lords and ladies for it to be very difficult for any high lord to keep track. There is also more turnover in terms of family rule. New houses are being created all the time as old ones dwindle to nothing after a childless generation.

-Having a surname does not imply lordship. Many knights have surnames and anyone can be knighted as long as another knight performs the ceremony (“it takes a knight to make a knight” is the old saying). But being a lord requires lands and, occasionally, a title. So while Arlan Pennytree may have a name, a sigil, and the rank of “Ser,” he is not the lord of any holdfast, nor does he have any hope of advancement, save by the intervention of a Lord Paramount or King.

-Thr Targaryens aren’t just odd, they’re other worldly. Valyria was more than just an analog for Rome, it was a civilization of advanced magical and technological wonders. Its people were truly truly not like other men. The Targaryens, being the blood of old Valyria, are thought of as almost more than human. And with their silvery hair and violet eyes. They look alien enough to be passably strange. People accept their incest because they are seen as ultimately not bound by the divine laws that most people are beholden to

Differences Between the Show and Books

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