Body Armor
Padded Armor/Linen Armor- Made of leather or canvas, which has been stuffed with cloth. This can be worn by itself, often called a gambeson, but is essential when wearing mail in order to absorb blows more readily.


Leather Armor
Boiled Leather- Thick leather, boiled in water, and usually worn under mail. Must be dressed with oil to retain its flexibility. Boiled leather will set very hard and was moulded into rounded pieces to protect shoulders, elbows and knees before the ready advent of plate armour.
Brigandine-Also known as Jack, is a cloth garment, generally canvas or leather, lined with small oblong steel plates riveted to the fabric. Commonly worn by: freeriders, mounted bowmen, and men-at-arms.
Dothraki Vest- An uncured horsehide vest, usually painted decoratively. Provides little protection, but may dull a blow’s impact slightly.

Mail- A type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh.
Hauberk- A chainmail shirt, the hauberk includes sleeves and can extend as low as the knees. The hauberk is typically constructed of interlocking whoops of metal sewn into a shirt or a tunic. The sleeves of a hauberk often reach the elbow, though the sleeve length varies. The hauberk tends to be made of iron rings, and is generally worn over a padded undercoat, or boiled leather.
Byrnie- Made of chainmail. Byrnies are generally distinguished from hauberks by their sleeve length (a byrnie has only short sleeves). In Westeros byrnies are some variety of armor jacket or a shirt.

Scale armor- A garment with hundreds of small plates stitched and riveted onto it.

Heavy plate armor- Worn over mail and a padded surcoat. Large rondels protect the juncture of arm and breast. The vulnerable points are at the less protected joints, places at elbows, knees, and beneath the arms.
Parts of a Plate Suit
Gorget- A Steel collar that protects the neck.
Rondels- A Circular piece of metal used for protection of vulnerable points, typically used to cover the juncture of arm and breast.
Gloves- Protective covering for hands. Made of leather, or mail to offer additional protection.
Gauntlets- Large metal gloves that cover the hand from fingers to forearm, generally made of steel plate.
Skirts- A metal skirt designed to protect the upper legs and lower torso. Generally covers the body from waist to midthigh.
Greaves- Greaves cover the lower legs.
Schynbalds- Plate that covers only the shins, not the whole lower leg.
Boots- Boots are generally made of leather, but the ones worn by knights are made of metal to provide protection.
Spurs- Tools worn on the heel of the boots, used to direct a horse.
Vambraces- Tubular protection for the forearm.
Cuirass- A piece of solid plate armor worn over the chest and back, tightened at the sides. It is forged from steel, iron or bronze. It is a vital piece of defensive equipment worn by most knights and highborn combatants.

Greathelm- A simple cylinder with a flat top and sometimes rounded top to better deflect blows.It has small slits for eyes and breathing/ventilation, that impedes sight and breathing, mostly used by knight’s during the “clash of lances”

Halfhelm- A round helm covering the top of the head, often incorporating a nasal guard.

Kettle helm- A helm made of steel in the shape of a brimmed hat



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