Tag: The North


  • Last Hearth

    Last Hearth, sometimes known as the Last Hearth, is the seat of House Umber in the North. It lies close to the Gift in a forest east of the kingsroad. It is north of the Last River, northeast of Long Lake, and west of the Bay of Seals. With the exception …

  • Esja Crowl

    Born in the monstrous caverns of Deeprime, the cave complex that serves as a manse for the lesser branch of House Crowl, Esja would have suffered the same fate as all women born on that savage island--a breeder among the cruelest and coldest of men--were …

  • Hoarfrost Umber

    Umber has four children, sons Gorn, Hothor, Mors and daughter Amaryllis. In turn, Gorn has six children, including his heir, Jon, called the Greatjon.

  • Bram Snow

    Bram is the son of either Mors or Hother Umber (both claim to have deflowered the same milkmaid). He was acknowledged by the family and, seeing as he was born to a non-inheriting line, they do not seem to care much about what part of the family he comes …