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  • Hexwood

    The Witches of Hexwood are a small but famous coven of hedge witches and healers who live in and around the eponymous pine forest along the North Eastern Shore of Cracklaw point. The legends state that the first Hexwood Witch was a noble maiden of House …

  • Corenna I

    Sixteen years ago... Galroy Lynderly snorted with derision as the riders crested the banner of the rise. There, plain as day was the bright green sigil of their house, sewn with derision on the peevish banner of the Wydman Outriders. Corenna had been …

  • Corenna of Hexwood

    Corenna left an unpleasant home at age 15 with a small amount of supplies and basic knowledge of healing herbs (knowledge gained by bribing local healers to teach her). She eventually made her way to Hexwood on Cracklaw point and sought out one of the …

  • Meron Wydman

    The firstborn son of the proud and impoverished House Wydman, Meron is, and has always been, an insufferable prick. [[File:483175 | class=media-item-align-center | 250px-Wydman.png]]