Martyn Darke

Business-minded Second Son of House Darke


Martyn Darke, at 25, is the senior member of the Duskendale Darkes (as opposed to his father and brother who reside up the coast at Darktide Hollow). He is stockily built and looks older than his years with a strong chin, thick red beard and broad chest.

Ever the martial man, Martyn never attained knighthood, though he quickly came to realize that it was not his aim. Instead, he practices with sword and axe, while keeping up the family business and expanding their coffers by trading and selling fishing boats to a fisher’s consortium.

The blockade of the harbor has made his business all but dry up and worse, his distant cousins the Darklyns no longer receive him at court. He has since taken to training men at arms in case the siege turns ugly.


Martyn Darke

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