Marjolaine Vance

Ethan's Young Wife


At seventeen, Marjolaine is a pretty young wife with strawberry blonde hair and dark eyes. She is slight, frail, and sad-looking.


Marjolaine was the youngest daughter of Lord Olyvar Terrick. As such her marriage to Ethan Vance represents the kind of workmanlike match upon which the seven kingdoms are built. Neither she, nor her husband expected to marry above their station, but in tying together the houses of Vance and Terrick, the family gains another important ally in their slow consolidation of power in the Western Riverlands. She has come, alongside her new husband, to Duskendale where Ethan serves as the city’s Master of Laws under its new Lord, Renfred Rykker. This is her first time leaving Hawkseyrie, her childhood home.

Marjolaine Vance

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