Horys Vance

Lord of Wysthill


Horys is forty, broad chested with lank brown hair and laughing brown eyes at odds with his usual look of bemused disappointment.


Horys Vance was born to Ser Alastor Vance, the second son of the Vances of Atranta, and grew up in that storied keep, raised mostly by his mother, Lysia, once a Piper of Pinkmaiden. He was nine when his father was given Wysthill and twelve before he and his mother moved to the new family keep.

He was a sheltered boy, charming but ultimately naive—even throug his unusually young marriage at age fourteen to Elirna Erenford. Though he did not much care for his beautiful but severe wife, Horys did as he was bade, knowing that he would have years before he needed to be Lord of Wysthill.

So it was that when a freak accident killed his father the following year, Horys seemed singularly unfit to rule and left the majority of stewardship to his wife and mother while he hinted, hawked, and won some small glories on the tourney field.

This lax attitude certainly helped to make his sons more willful then he would have liked, letting Daemon reject marriage after marriage while leaving a slew of bastard sons across the farmlands, and allowing Ethan to bring his foundling friend Kaiden into their household, despite her crude manners and her unknown provenance.

Horys Vance

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