Gaunt Corleo

Advisor to the Ostyris Family


As his moniker suggests, Corleo is tall and rail-thin with sunken cheeks, tarred, dark hair and a pointed beard.


Corleo was born old, men like to say. Even as a young man he was so serious and humorless that his peers mocked him as “Uncle.” It was not surprising that he grew into a serious man with a head for numbers, and a heart for finance.

He was just shy of twenty when Galdo Ostyris hired him on as steward to his household. When he found that Corleo was even more suited to sums than servants he made him an official financial advisor to the Ostyris keyholder. When Galdo died and the position passed to his son, Borrosco, Corleo was already an invaluable part of the organization.

In recent years, Corelo has been tasked with educating Mellaro, Borrosco’s son, in the ways of the key and ledger. This has turned, largely into babysitting him as he flits from one adventure to another. Corelo couldn’t be less thrilled.

Gaunt Corleo

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