Ethan Vance

Master of Laws to Lord Rykker


Handsome, but more Fey than his his eldest brother, Ethan would have been a handsome and dashing figure for the ages were it not for living in the constant shadow of his brother. He has sandy brown hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion. He is one and twenty, thoughtful and grave.


They say it is never easy being the second son, but Ethan has had it especially hard as the second son of Horys Vance, whose heir, Daemon, is quick witted, deadly with a blade, painfully handsome, and gallant. In short, he is everything a knight or Lord should be, and, though Ethan is good looking, a fair fighter, brave and honest, he has never been able to live up to his brother’s reputation.

As a result, Ethan attempted to excel in the one arena his brother did not: Justice. While Daemon was not precisely unjust, he had the privilege of good lucks and a good nature, often circumventing the rules through force of personality. Ethan obsesses over fairness and has proved he has a keen mind for the drafting and enforcement of civil order.

And, indeed, a dedication to justice is just about all Ethan has left. He hoped to legitimate and then marry Kaiden, the foundling girl that he grew up with, but his mother, ever wary of the precarious position this second cadet branch of House Vance found itself in, refused. He wanted to attend the citadel and study law formally but his father, equally worried about the family legacy, did not want to be deprived of a second heir, should Daemon’s famous temper get him into trouble.

As a result, his only fulfillable aspiration remained his dedication to the just and so, when Ser Renfred Rykker was granted Duskendale after the attaining of Lord Darklyn, Ethan presented himself as an adequate Master of Laws for the city. He is excited for his new position but still harbors some resentment towards the family that deprived him first of a bride and then of a quiet life of study.

Ethan Vance

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