Elirna Vance

The Lady of Wysthill


Lady Vance is middle aged, with thick black hair going to gray. She is pale, refined, considered quite a beauty in her youth, and though the years have given her worry lines, she is still a handsome and commanding woman at two and forty.


Elirna Vance was born Elirna Erenford, at the other end of the Riverlands. Though it was always expected that she would marry a local Lord such as a Frey or a Mallister, Lord Pepyr Tully, an old friend of her father, wanted the Riverlands to be a more united region, and to make sure that all of the lords were invested in the Wysthill Vances should a Brax or a Lefford invade. Thus, Elirna was betrothed and eventually wed to Ser Horys Vance, the eldest son of the recently landed Lord Alastor.

Though she did not love Lord Horys, she did her duty in the bedroom and the household, producing two sons, Daemon and Ethan. When her goodfather, Lord Alastor, passed away falling from his horse, just shy of her husband’s seventeenth birthday, Elirna found that being the Lady of Wysthill suited her and she soon became an advocate for familial duty, forgetting that she and her husband her a poor match and that much mattered apart from the strengthening and advancement of the House.

So it has been that she has plagued and prodded her sons to act responsibly. Both would
claim that she is a humorless martinet, dedicated to foiling her family’s happiness, by she knows that the Vance’s are only a n accident away from extinction. After all, Alastor died painfully young and the Arrabins before him went extinct when the heir apparent died on his fifteenth nameday and their younger son had already been chained at the Citadel.

And so it has been that Elirna has worked tirelessly to find a suitable match for Daemon and has forbid Ethan to marry below his station. Her children are cold towards her and her husband was never anything but a stranger, but no one can doubt that Lady Vance is the foundation of her adopted House and that Wysthill is stronger for her intervention.

Elirna Vance

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