Dragyr Stane

Beast-tamer of Skagos


Old but unplaceable in his dottage, Dragyr has a shock of gray hair and beady black eyes set into a tanned windburnt face, the result of a lifetime spent on the cliffs and in the frozen seas. He is built on monstrous dimensions—nearly seven feet tall, powerfully muscled and broad shouldered. His back is dotted by tumorous moles and freckles that give him a hoary, mottled aspect.

His body is crisscrossed by keloid scars, the result of a thousand shows of dominance against trunked seals, walruses and other shore beasts


Wargs are not unheard of on Skagos but they are feared if not hated. Rather than deal with the wrath incurred by striking down one of these cursed beings, they are most often exiled to the remotest woods and loneliest spits of rock.

So it was with Dragyr. For almost thirty years he has lived beside a stony cliff overlooking the Bayof Ice. There he made his dread communion with the seals, walruses, and sea-unicorns that make their pilgrimage in the spring.

The men of Skagos pride themselves on a commitment to strength and participate in brawls and battles, but Dragyr takes it to a new level, fighting with teeth while a man and tusk while a beast. As a result, Dragyr has taken far more female apprentices than male as his male students tend to die or be driven off. His female students have other complaints, but few have perished.

Dragyr Stane

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