Callum Rivers

Captain of the Golden Company with Just a Drop of Dragon Blood


Callum Rivers is the closest thing the Golden Company has had to a Blackfyre since Maelys the Monstrous perished on the Stepstones twenty years ago. He can trace his lineage back to Bittersteel, though tenuously, and through the female line. Nevertheless he has the white blonde hair of the Targaryens if not the purple eyes.

He is weathered, windburnt, and scarred though still retains an aura of gentility.

Intelligence- 1
Charisma- 3



Callum’s major claim to fame has been keeping the Golden Company alive and thriving in the absence of any Blackfyre scions. He uses the surname Rivers in tribute to Aegor, but doesn’t dare claim the Blackfyre name with such a convoluted descent. Nevertheless, he’s proved himself a more than worthy heir to the Company’s highest position and no one will say that his skull is unfit when it is dipped in gold and placed besides Maelys’.

His interests for most of his tenure have been focused on making the Golden Company a prestigious organization on the merits of their swordplay and faithfulness alone. And in that, he has been resoundingly successful.

Callum Rivers

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