Beomund Beesbury

Knight Errant in Service to the Crown


A man who is gallant and handsome even in his winter years, Beomund has a powerful physique, gray hair headed towards white, and sparkling green eyes. He is eight and fifty, but has the energy and spark of a man a third of his years.

His personal standard is a single bee, black and yellow on an Amber field. He flies it below the the banner of House Beesbury, and that below a standard showing the outline of the continent of Westeros.


Beomund was born the third son of Lord Betram Beesbury, a curious, fearless child of indomitable spirit. He made a name for himself as a tourney knight of remarkable skill with both lance and longsword, and no man sits a horse better save perhaps the Knights of the Kingsguard.

He has made a name for himself as a sort of hedge knight, venturing far from Honeyholt, to offer his sword to righteous causes. He helped Cregan Stark put down the Wildling raids near Seadragon point, led a sortie to defeat Mycah Sand, the Vulture Lord, and distinguished himself on the Stepstones in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, personally slaying the Water Dancing brothers, Faldo and Folvi Piemonto.

Now, just shy of sixty, he continues to inspire the smallfolk and high lords alike, training promising squires and advocating for the just in his never ending travails across Westeros. He claims to serve the realm above any great house or kingdom and has encouraged his squires and knighted band to take on names and titles, that reflect Westeros as a whole: Son-of-Seven, Thousandblades, Faithbanner.

Beomund Beesbury

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