Alehouse Alys

Duskendale Whore


A woman of six and thirty, Alys is still comely with brown hair and brown eyes. She carries herself with dignity and pride, uncommon for many of the smallfolk.


Alys may not be the most beautiful or talented whore in Duskendale, but she is the most infamous. Whore is perhaps an incorrect term since, unlike many of her slattern sisters she has never operated from the street or the brothel bed. Many of her defenders argue that she is, in point of fact, a tavern wench at the Merling’s Daughter on the harbor. Though she has been known to take suitors from time to time and take their coin as well, people have yet to prove her a whore.

Her infamy comes from her long-standing affair with Symon Hollard who she has always enjoyed a special relationship with.

Alehouse Alys

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