Addam Storm

Golden Company Squire


A pale, callow man of nine and ten with golden hair and pale blue eyes, Addam is slight and fey, making him rather unsuited to mercenary work. His sharp mind, however has more than made up for this.


The bastard son of Melynda Carron and a sells word, Addam was sent when he came of age to the Disputed lands to cut his teeth fighting with his cousin Bryon Carron, in the Windblown. He found he liked squiring for his cousin but had no talent for fighting. Bryon was killed after a wound received in a tavern brawl festered and Addam decided he would not return to Westeros, rather he would squire full time for whomever would take him.

That led him to the Golden Company two years ago where he distinguished himself as a diplomatic and shrewd young man with an eye for the weaknesses of others. Callum Rivers took him on as an advisor of sorts, a squire who would ferret out secrets from other squires and see things from the perspective of an unnoticed servant.

Addam Storm

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