Aadriano Tethradis

Tyroshi Sellsword


Like most Tyroshi bravos, Aadriano is ostentatious, dying his hair a seafoam green, and pierced all over with gaudy jewelry.


Aadriano’s high seas adventures never seem to pan out like he’d like them to. Born into the Thethradis family of sailors and corsairs, Aadriano was born to sail, fight, and indulge in vice. However, he always seemed to be just off for the true glories. In the battle for the Bridge of Slaves during the Archon of Tyrosh’s last purge of the Blacksail Pirate fleet, his vessel landed two miles up from the fighting, forcing him to walk the rest of the way and arrive once it finished. His brilliantly planned infiltration of the gold hoards of the Salt shore ended with the plunder of six chests full of sand. Soon after he pledged himself to the Golden Company.

Aadriano Tethradis

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