A Reign of Toads

Act Two, Scene Four

Date Night

As you awaken in various states of undress, partnership and sobriety after an evening of reconnaissance and relaxation, you pause to reflect on the events of the last twelve hours. Kaiden attempted to use a date to seduce Ser Harys Mullendore, or at least to wrangle an invitation to the exile’s tourney. Though this proved ultimately fruitless, she did learn that she could attend for a pittance admission and that he would be happy to see her there. Rivington decided to stay at the Ninepenny with Kaidan, forsaking the accommodations of the Court of Eyes. Allyria, in those forsaken accomodations discovered she was not alone in her room. After calling for Hakkad and guards to aid her, she glanced beneath the bed where she found a half-feral, soot blackened child. He leapt to attack her before struggling crawl out the window, but the guards arrived just in time and restrained him. Allyria favored honey over vinegar and learned that he was in the nominal
Employ of someone called “the Mummer.” She then had the boy taken to a well-guarded room where would be bathed, fed and gently questioned.

Zia meanwhile, found herself at the Golden Company outpost where local recruiter Olyvar Sand was arguing with a young man calling himself Domeric Steel. Steel, according to Sand, claimed to be a former member of the corsair fleet, The Sons of Joy, who had come to beg the aid of the Company in rescuing a heretofore unknown Blackfyre scion from the fleet’s influence. In addition to that intelligence, Olyvar also was able to tell Zia that a call to arms for Rhoynish citizens had indeed come out and that Olyvar had personally rejected the demand but that others were instructed to go to Selhorys, a Volantene tribute city with a large Rhoynish population.
Mellaro, Corenna and Beomund set out to join Zia at the Company Outpost but not before the young Ostyrii discovered one of Esje’s weasels badgering him to unknown purpose. Not knowing what else to do with he rodent, they continued on to the outpost whereupon Ser Beomund and Zia finally made manifest the affection that had been growing between them. The rest of the night continued peacefully and morning dawned on the day of the Tournament with all of you ready to face the day ahead. It is currently 7 on the morning of the 4th day of the eleventh month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty. You are all in good health.


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