A Reign of Toads

Act Two, Scene 2

The Court of Eyes

As some of you prepare to meet the formidable Golnaza of Myr, Allyria’s influential grandmother, while others explore Myr looking for less contentious lodgings, you pause to reflect on the events of the last three hours. You arrived at the docks of the Free City and made arrangements with porters to take a palanquin to the outskirts of town, where the Court of Eyes, Allyria’s trade cartel, made its headquarters. While being ferried, you took in the sites of the city of craftsman, including glimpses of the Red Temple, the Observatory, and a severed tongue nailed to a wall in the ruined district, the remains of an initiation rite of the Crimson tongue. You also took the time to let in your comrades on some of your party’s outstanding secrets, including Zia’s participation in a Rhoynish cult that had apparently turned on her, and Corenna’s engagement to one Meron Wydman, currently in the entourage of Lord Baratheon. Upon arriving at the Court of Eyes, you were taken to a common room where Allyria introduced you to her lover, and captain of the cartel’s guard, Hakkad Maldu. She secretly begged for his help in bringing the rest of you to justice for your misunderstanding a few weeks prior, and though no immediate action was taken, you were shown lodgings that some found insufficient, military cots set up in a brick warehouse currently being renovated. As you attempt to find new lodgings or work to create a better repoire with the cartel, it has reached four in the afternoon on the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen Dynasty and you are all in good health.


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