A Reign of Toads

Act Two, Scene 1

Loose Ends

As you stand on the deck of the Seafeather, the gilded onion domes, and silken pavillions of Myr rising high off the docks and threatening to block the rising sun, you think back on the events of the last three weeks. After being at least temporarily satisfied that the Faceless Man previously calling itself Allyria of Myr was more benefit to you than threat, you set about making arrangements to follow Serala across the Narrow Sea and either bring her to justice as Rhaegar intended, relieving her of her vial of King’s Blood in the process, or join her as she suggested to Rivington, and become permanent agents of the Demalion Arghurys, cartel house of Serala’s cousin, the Argent Prince. While Rivington and Zia secured passage on the Summer Island swanship, the Seafeather, Kaiden and Esja attempted to bring the wayward Silent Sisters of the Rhaenys Hill Convent to justice—but only moral victories were had. Mellaro had a heart to heart with Xhalava Mu, his bodyguard turned mentor who informed him that it was up to the Ostyris heir alone to decide the next course of action. The next day you boarded the Seafeather, captained by the formidable rum factor, Obkara of Tall Trees Town, and began a three week journey across the Narrow Sea. Briefly docking at Storm’s End, you followed in the wake of the Windproud, carrying Lord Steffon Baratheon and his wife, on a mission to find a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar. You quickly outpaced the larger flagship however, and had a week’s travel over the open ocean where you managed to avoid storms and focus in on your plan of action in the city on the Bay of Myrrth. It is currently nine on the morning of the 3rd day of the 11th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty and the sea air has done quite a bit for the wounds sustained at the dragonpit, leaving you all in good health.


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