A Reign of Toads

Act One, scene 6

Pits of King's Landing

As you take in the sights of the Rhaenys’ Hill and spend some of your money replenishing your supplies, you pause to think back on the events of the last thirteen hours. Having been charged with pursuing Serala of Myr “to the ends of the earth,” you headed for King’s Landing in order to attempt to cut her off before the trail grew cold. Kaiden had a final conversation with her former flame, Ethan Vance, who gave her the name Edric Hill, a fence in the capitol city who might know about dark dealings. Mellaro concluded business negotiations with Martyn Darke, while Zia left Redmeat Ronnet behind to watch for a message en route to Duskendale.

On the road South, Kaiden bonded with Bram Snow over a song each thought was only known by their own people. Riding through the night you eventually arrived at the Dragon Gate of King’s Landing and, after an hour or so of customs, coming through the gates, you set out to find proper accommodations and your contact.

While Ser Beomund and Addam Storm found you rooms at the modestly priced Swineherd’s Crook, Rivington went to restock some of the poisons he had previously expended in preparation for the mercy killing of Bethany Waters and Robyn Hollard. Mellaro asked that Corleo get him an audience with the Master of Coin, one Qarlton Chelsted. Of more immediate interest to Mellaro, however, was the way in which Corleo seemed to put complete faith in Allyria of Myr, explaining that she was a fellow Essosi.

Esja and Zia, ever the most reliable, though unlikely of companions, took the time to explore the Dragonpit, now a ruin. While Zia scaled the great colonnade’s to reach an upper level and find a piece of as-yet-unclaimed dragonbone, Esja asked a local ragpicker about what goes on in the dragonpit. The answer was predictable: shady dealing’s, lovers’ trysts, a pooky haunt for children. Though that still did not satisfactorily explain why the rats seemed to shun it.

Kaiden, meanwhile, met with Edric Hill, and after some shameful haggling, he agreed to meet her and any other interested parties in front of a convent at the base of Rhaenys’ Hill tonight at the hour of the wolf. It is currently about 10 in the morning on the 11th day of the 10th month of the 277th year since Aegon’s Landing. Though you are all technically in good health, the long, midnight ride has taken a toll and you are thoroughly exhausted.


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