A Reign of Toads

Act One, scene 5

Defiance Defied


As some of you pack your things, preparing for a midnight ride south to King’s Landing while others of you make your bed, in preparation for rest before early morning meetings, you pause to reflect on the events of the last four hours. Upon finding Wynafrei in her cell, Lord Rykker excused himself in horror. You took the momentary respite to free Wynafrei and smuggle her back to the Seven Swords Inn. There she revealed that she had been taken prisoner by Lady Serala and coerced into performing the rite that allowed her to change bodies with her handmaiden.

Kaiden had a tense meeting with Ethan, after trading barbs she informed him of the need to intervene with the mob gathered outside Dargood’s house. Zia, meanwhile diffused the situation, having the soldiers turn on the thief in their midst and escorting Dargood, his former guards, Alehouse Alys and her young friend out and safely into custody. She also left the upper floor window ajar for later reconnaissance.

While Corenna and Esja helped Wynafrei complete a blood magic divination ritual to locate Serala, Kaiden and Zia headed to town square where the proceeded to cleanly execute the body-swapped Bethany and the boy, Robin Hollard, both set to be executed alongside the rest of the Hollards and Darklyns. Though Zia nearly missed her shot, both were killed prior to immolation and in Bethany’s case the symbolic removal of her tongue and vulva to stand for Serala’s seduction of Denys Darklyn.

Those performing the ritual learned that Serala was headed south to a city with a castle made of red stone. Given that King’s Landing is a half day’s ride South of Duskendale, it seemed the logical place.

You finally conferred with Prince Rhaegar telling him what you knew, and he, visibly shaken, by the revelation that his father’s blood had been taken, charged you with finding Serala and destroying or returning the king’s blood she carried. He left you with a book on Sorcery for Esja, and a command to follow the witch to the ends of the earth. It is currently 11:00pm on the evening of the 10th day of the 10th month of 277th year since Aegon’s conquest and both Esja and Corenna have blood loss from the ritual.


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