A Reign of Toads

Act One, scene 4

What Lies Beneath

As some of you sneak about the Dun Fort, attempting to gather clues, while others, having gathered clues attempt to leave undetected, and still others try to make things right in Duskendale either on a civic or personal level, you pause to think back on the events of the last two hours. You concluded your meeting with Ser Beomund, determined to speak to some of the Darklyn’s former household, especially its Maester. While en route to the Dundort, Zia and Esja decided to attempt to scatter the mob gathers outside the home of one time petty tyrant, Baldrik Dargood. Esja provided more reconnaissance from within the house, quickly learning that weasels are easily spotted but no one knows what to do with them. Zia brokered a tense peace between Dargood’s guards and the mob’s leader a blacksmith named Haeton.

Mellaro and Rivingnton accompanied Lord Rykker to his solar to attempt to gain legal access to the servants while Corenna made her way through the kitchens, and Allyria snuck around the back of the keep.

Kaiden confronted Ethan Vance who was none too pleased to see her, but agreed to disperse the mob outside Dargood’s house and see justice done. Esja managed to figure out that there was a subterranean dock out of the Dunfort’s lower levels but it was Corenna who found herself in the dungeon proper and overheard a conversation between the imprisoned woods witch, Wynafrei and a stranger with a Braavsosi accent who later disappeared into the shadows and could not be tracked.

Corenna in her own questioning learned that Wynafrei was the sole survivor of the Darklyn’s staff, the others, whose corpses decorated her cell, had been sacrificed, according to her in order that Serala might switch places with her handmaiden. She also revealed that the reason Aerys had been taken was to collect Kings Blood, a powerful occult reagent, and that Wynafrei’s knowledge of powers old and dark had led to her capture and was, indeed, the purpose behind the interrogation and disappearances of the witches of Hexwood. Corenna fled just as Mellaro and Rivington were entering the dungeon to see these cells for themselves. It is currently 5pm on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 277th year of the Targaryen dynasty. You are all, for now, in good health.


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